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Social Media Marketing Essentials: You Only Understand Conversions You Are Part Of

I was on a Twitter Scramble the other day with The Fish Firm and was impressed with their ideas and contributions. I am particularly impressed with this post. The title is a magical idea.

The magical idea is conversions are happening, social conversions, that a company can't understand fully because they are not part of the conversation. Such a powerful double idea so simply stated. 


There are many implications to not understanding conversions you are not part of including:

* Cast a broad social net and to be part of more conversations.

* Responding is critical to being included in the conversion.

* Conversions aren't free; you do something to be included. 

* No matter how good you are you are still missing conversions.


If you are a perfectionist the last bullet can drive you stark raving mad. Internet marketers learn to turn into the wind and trim, constantly trim, based on feedback loops. 

Great post by The Fish Firm.  



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